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Title: Standard First Aid & CPR (C)

Course: CPR 1605


This two day program is designed to help rescuers recognize and respond to life-threatening emergencies as well as those with the potential to become so if not treated. Standard First Aid includes a variety of components such as airway, breathing and circulation emergencies. Also included are trauma related injuries, common medical conditions, shock, emergency scene management, heat and cold illness, burns and poisons, triage and more. CPR includes infant/child and adult rescues. Training provided by Rescue Plus, an authorized provider of the Lifesaver 101 First Aid and CPR certification program. Certification is WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) approved in accordance with Regulation 1101.


Student manual is provided in class.

Wallet cards issued at completion of course for successful participants and are valid for 3 years from completion date.

Tuition includes a $20 non-tax deductible fee.

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