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Title: Pasta-Making

Course: COOK 1906


Roll up your sleeves and join Chef Stef for a day of fun, learning and pasta-making in this hands-on class. Learn how to make basic egg pasta dough, roll your pasta through a pasta machine and then cut or form into a variety of shapes, Ravioli, Pappardelle, Linguini, and Farfalle. We will also make a Gnocchi Gnudi and learn to make two simple sauces to serve.


Hands-on class.
You are required to bring the following kitchen tools:
Chef’s knife, serving spoon, wooden spoon, tasting spoons, metal tongs, a kitchen scale (metric), measuring spoons (metric), a kitchen towel and a container to take home food prepared in class.
You are required to wear long pants and sleeves and non-marking, non-slip shoes.

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