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This is just an introduction to the principles of Universal Design for Learning. Feel free to return to this module to access the resources and other materials at any time. As well, The CAFE UDL resources section provides additional information, videos and links to learn more about UDL.

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 Case Study

A professor learns that he has two students in his class this semester with disabilities. One student has a vision impairment and has difficulty reading printed documents. His other student has a learning disability and has difficulty comprehending complex concepts.

Using the space below, describe five ways the professor make his materials more accessible to assist these students' learning.



 Multiple Choice Quiz

Professor Sharp is putting together a course syllabus for a Developmental Psychology class. The professor is trying to choose an assessment format for chapter quizzes in order for the students to demonstrate their knowledge. Dr. Sharp is deciding among three assessment options and is weighing the learning advantages of each format so she can ultimately select one.Which format would be most conducive to student learning?



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