UDL in Large Classes


Smiling student One of the most common complaints about UDL is that it can be difficult to implement in large classes. There is no doubt that large classes are becoming more common in post-secondary and that offering choice to 100 students can seem overwhelming, but it is possible. Faculty members question how they can make the marking fair across a variety of different assignments. You may be able to use one rubric to mark all assignments as the objectives of each assignment may be the same. For example: students have demonstrated their understanding of the concepts; students have applied the concepts, students have analyzed the concepts, etc. in order to complete the assignment.


Student supports through UDL:


When teaching, keep in mind those characteristics of some of the worst classes or teachers that you've had - and don't repeat them. For example:

How to improve learning in the large class:


Source: University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Faculty Center for Teaching and e-Learning.